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It's One 'Huge' Project: Documentary Follows Five Obese Jacksonville Men On Weight Loss Journey

Last month, the American Medical Association generated headlines by defining obesity as a disease.It's a disease that millions of Americans are battling - the Centers for Disease Control estimates a whopping 69% of Americans are overweight or obese. 

Their numbers include five Jacksonville men who are the subjects of a compelling new documentary project.

Filmmaker Nadia Ramoutar is following the men on camera for one year as they try to lose a minimum of 100 pounds each.  The film, titled It's Huge, will wrap next year.

"I put together a team of professionals to help them," she says. "A nutritionist, doctor, fitness instructor, life coach, even a meditation coach to help them make this journey from obesity to freedom."

Ramoutar says some of the guys are losing plenty of weight, while others are struggling.

"But it's a long term journey so it's not a competition or race," she points out. "The idea is to show how difficult this is and hopefully provide support for the many going through this."

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