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Investigative Reporter Aaron Glantz On The VA's "Opiate Overload"

University of California Press

Prescribed opiates for veterans in the Jacksonville hospital system has grown overall from 2001, when there were 45 prescriptions for every 100 veterans, to 80 prescriptions for every 100 veteran patients in 2012.

A recently published investigative report found that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has been prescribing the potent drugs and feeding addictions.

Following his story's airing on WJCT during the pilot episode of a new investigative news program Reveal, the Center for Investigative Reporting's Aaron Glantz spoke with WJCT's Michelle Corum about the VA's "opiate overload."

Click here to read Aaron Glantz's story from Reveal.

Click here to access an interactive map of Northeast Florida's VA system with statistics on opiate prescriptions.

Credit The Center for Investigative Reporting

Michelle Corum joined WJCT as "Morning Edition" host in 2012 and has worked in public broadcasting as an announcer and reporter for public radio stations in Lawrence, Kansas, and Interlochen, Michigan. She also manages WJCT's Radio Reading Service for sight-impaired listeners.