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Jax Advocates Making Progress On Mental Health Issues

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There is a long road ahead for improving mental health care on the First Coast, but local advocates are reporting progress.

Florida has one of the worst funding levels for mental health in the nation, and Duval County ranks dead last in the state in terms of our funding.

That puts Jacksonville at the bottom of the bottom when it comes to mental health access and care, but there is positive change afoot.

Local advocacy organization Jacksonville Community Council Inc. (JCCI) is conducting a three-year inquiry on mental health designed to improve treatment and awareness here in our area.

JCCI CEO Ben Warner, and Sherry Allen, executive director of the the National Board for Certified Counselors Foundation, joined Melissa Ross for a discussion of the important work being done right now on the First Coast to address this major public health issue.

You can follow Melissa Ross on Twitter @MelissainJax.

Melissa Ross joined WJCT in 2009 with 20 years of experience in broadcasting, including stints in Cincinnati, Chicago, Orlando and Jacksonville. During her career as a television and radio news anchor and reporter, Melissa has won four regional Emmys for news and feature reporting.