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Big Meth Bust In St. Johns County

Kevin Meerschaert

The St. Johns County Sheriff's office has arrested 32 suspects and are seeking 11 more in connection to a major methamphetamine investigation.

Named "Operation Ancient City Brewers," the investigation began in 2011. Detectives used pharmaceutical logs to track suspects purchasing a large amount of Pseudoephedrine, which is a key ingredient in meth production.

During the sweep that took place Monday and Tuesday, three potential meth labs were identified in S. Johns County. They were on the 5000 block of Avenue B, 1400 block of San Juline Circle and 2500 block of A1A South.

Sheriff David Shoar says some of the suspects will be facing state conspiracy charges which allows additional penalties.

Shoar says over 200 people are being investigated in connection to the bust and more arrest may follow. He says the investigation in ongoing.

Here is video of some of the arrests provided by the St. Johns County Sheriff's office: