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Suspect In CVS Robbery Shot By Police

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

The suspect in a brazen robbery at a Westside CVS is in the hospital after being shot Tuesday afternoon by police.


After releasing this photo from the crime Monday, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office tracked the man to the Magnolia Terrace apartments off San Juan Avenue and had a warrant for his arrest.

While he was under surveillance, the suspect tried to leave the apartment complex and police followed. When they tried to pull him over, the say the man used his car to ram an undercover vehicle, got out and started running. Officers followed on foot, according to JSO Chief Annie Smith.

"They ordered him to surrender. The suspect was clutching a black bag that he was carrying close to his chest," she said.

Smith says the suspect refused to comply and forcibly entered Mr. Dragon Chinese Restaurant.

"There was a civilian inside the business at the time," Smith said. "The suspect turned toward the officer with his hand inside the black bag."

A SWAT officer fired twice at the suspect, leaving him severely injured. No officers were hurt. Investigators did find a gun inside the man’s bag. Police are still trying to determine whether the CVS robbery was related to another robbery at Mojo No.4 BBQ in Avondale on the same night. 54-year-old Robert Sutton was shot and killed in that crime.