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DCF Investigation Underway Into Video Showing Father Kick Son Down Kona Skate Park Ramp

A still from an Instagram video showing a child being kicked down a ramp at Kona Skate Park that is now the focus of an investigatin by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Representatives of Florida's child welfare agency gave few details on their ongoing investigation into a recent viral video depicting apparent child abuse.

The clip shows a young child  being kicked off a half-pipe at Kona Skate Park in Jacksonville.

In the controversial video, posted Friday by Instagram user lilbubs,  a man identified as Marcus Crossland kick his son Dino, known at the park as "Dino the Dinosaur," down a large ramp. The video is now the focus of an investigation by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

WATCH: The Instagram video at the center of a state investigation into potential child abuse

Members of DCF spoke discussed it briefly during an event Monday morning in Jacksonville with Governor Rick Scott.

"The key thing is someone brought that to our attention," said DCF spokeman John Harrell. "We need to find out if there's any other concerns regarding this child.

Northeast Regional DCF Director David Abramowitz said the investigation into the video is ongoing.

“It was a father that got overzealous and our job is to investigate that...and obviously, we don’t condone that type of behavior,” he said.

DCF  would not disclose whether or not the child had siblings or if he was still in the custody of his parents at this point.

Abramowitz said that added resources proposed by Gov. Scott at Monday's event will help the agency’s efforts. Currently, the Northeast Regional Office has about 200 investigators.

“We can do whatever we can do by our investigators doing what they do, but ultimately, parents have to take the responsibility for their kids because we’re not with them 24-7,” he said.

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