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Officials Offering Free Workshop To Prepare Workplaces, Schools For Active Shooters

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In about a month, Leon County and Tallahassee officials will offer a free internet-based workshop to help residents be better prepared in a “workplace active shooter incident.” It’s timely, given the recent gun incidents around the nation and on area college campuses.

Some of the questions the series of online videos hope to answer include if an active shooter showed up at your workplace, do you have plan? Are there safe areas employees can get to?

And, Tallahassee Emergency Management Coordinator Robby Powers says it’s called the “Operation Population Protection” exercise via the Department of Homeland Security.  

“Well, there’s been lots of activities around the country, and we want to make sure that our friends and family that work here in our community are well-prepared for what-if something happens at their office, so they know that when law enforcement is coming, the steps they can possibly mitigate maybe by an employee or an angry customer that may come their way,” said Powers.

Powers says the July 16th workshop is for any businesses or locations where people gather, ranging from real-estate companies and automotive shops to churches and schools. 

Recently, Tallahassee Community College was locked down because of a reported gun chase on the campus. A couple hours later, the lockdown was lifted and local law enforcement is still investigating.

For more information on how to register for the online workshop, visit the city or the county’s website.

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