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Russian Cyber-Criminals Gain Access To Billions Of Passwords

An internet security breach of near biblical proportions is causing great concern around the globe.Experts say it took a Russian crime ring around 7 months to steal more than a billion usernames and passwords and more than a half-billion email addresses from databases maintained by well over 400,000 websites.

Although it might be some time before you find out if your personal information was purloined, Deemable Tech’s Ray Hollister says the best thing to do right now is change your password.

“If you are one of those people who use the same password on multiple sites, you need to have a different password for every website that you use," he said. "If you use the same password on multiple sites, it’s like having a universal key for all of these different sites that you go to.”

Hollister says at the very least you should have a different password for each financial institution you log-in to and a different password for your main email address.

Deemable Tech’s Ray Hollister will join Melissa Ross Thursday morning on First Coast Connect to share more internet security tips. 

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