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Youth Radio: From Oakland to Ghana and Back

Youth Radio commentator Drew Harshaw recently spent two weeks in the West African nation of Ghana. He explains why it took being away from his home to appreciate what home had to offer.

Harshaw says the most memorable part of the whole trip was the Easter celebration in the village of Dogbe, in the Volta region of southern Ghana -- decadent costumes, a crowd of hundreds, with little children dancing in the background.

But thoughts of home were always close. "I began to notice a trend in my sleeping habits: Every time I closed my eyes, I had dreams of Oakland and visions of my home -- childhood mischief, attractive women, even street signs," Harshaw says. "This confused me. With the beauty of Ghana right in front of me, why was my mind back home?"

This story was produced by Youth Radio’s International Desk, in association with the National Geographic Society.

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Drew Harshaw