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Nelson On SpaceX: 'When We Have A Mishap, We Learn From It'

Sen. Bill Nelson's office

Investigators continue looking into what caused a SpaceX rocket to explode after takeoff from Cape Canaveral on Sunday. In Jacksonville on Wednesday, Florida Senator Bill Nelson said he’s confident in the investigation.

On Monday, Nelson called for a thorough review of the incident and warned the gravity of the investigation should not be underestimated. He then met with officials from NASA and SpaceX.

At his Jacksonville office, Nelson said he’s sure the results will improve space travel.

“That’s what we do in the space program,” he said. “When we have a mishap, we learn from it, we repair it, and then we’re all the better for it. And that’s exactly what SpaceX will do.”

The rocket that exploded was carrying equipment and supplies intended for the International Space Station.

Nelson says he doesn’t believe the explosion will cause delays for the manned space program SpaceX plans to start in 2017.  He is ranking member of U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. Nelson is also a former astronaut.