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St. Marys, Ga. Plans Foray Into Public Transportation With Single Van

St. Marys waterfront
Neg Photo via Flickr

A plan to provide public transportation to the residents of St. Marys, Georgia, is the subject of a community meeting set for Thursday evening.

St. Marys City Councilwoman Elaine Powierski says the need for a bus system became glaringly obvious in conversations with many residents during the development of the St. Marys master plan.

“And as we talked about their needs," she said, "everything seemed to go back to transportation, or the lack of transportation.”

According to Powierski, the city currently has an on-demand passenger van service run by the 10-county Coastal Regional Commission that’s both inefficient and unreliable.

To replace it, they're piloting a new service with limited stops in a limited area. The 10-passenger van would make regular stops at a cost of $6 for a round trip.

Powierski says hopefully vouchers will be available for people who can’t afford the service, which is set to start Feb. 1.

Thursday’s community meeting about the van plan starts at 5 p.m. at the Wheeler Street Church of God in St. Marys.

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