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Jacksonville Mayor Learns How To Patch Potholes

Lindsey Kilbride
Mayor Lenny Curry helps patch a pothole on Whittaker Road Wednesday.

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry and Councilman Al Ferraro donned hardhats and helped fill potholes Wednesday in Ferraro’s Northside district.

Credit Lindsey Kilbride / WJCT News
Jacksonville City Councilman Al Ferraro helps fill potholes in his Northside district.

The mayor says he wants to highlight what the Public Works department does every day.

As Curry and Ferraro raked a pile of asphalt that was just shoveled over a pothole on Whittaker Road, Public Works employees guided them through the steps. Curry says there are around 3,600 miles of road in the city.

“That’s the equivalent of a trip to California and half-way back so that’s a lot of roads to maintain,” he said.

Curry said the Public Works department has filled in about 1,600 potholes this year.

Credit Lindsey Kilbride / WJCT News
Public Works employees teach mayor Lenny Curry how to repair potholes.

“When you neglect this stuff, citizens don’t see it immediately, but then all of a sudden it all catches up to you,” he said. “To be clear we’ve got a lot of work to do and a long way to go.”

He said he wants people to let him know where they see issues.

“If a citizen sees me walking around in a neighborhood or in a grocery store, grab me and tell me you’ve got a pothole problem or whatever your problem is and we’ll write it down and get on it,” Curry said.

Residents can always report potholes by phone at 630-City.

Mayor @lennycurry and Councilman Al Ferraro aid Public Works employees in filling in a few potholes. @WJCTJax — Lindsey Kilbride (@lindskilbride) February 21, 2018

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