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Video: Centuries Old Shipwreck Uncovered On Ponte Vedra Beach Draws Researchers, Spectators

Carlos Bouvier

The hull of a ship that may be several centuries old  washed up on Ponte Vedra Beach this week. 

Scientists and historians are just getting started on investigating what ship the wooden and brass remains came from.

Brendan Burke is an archaeologist with the St. Augustine Lighthouse museum. He said priority number one is protecting the find from being washed back out to sea.

“We've got the lighthouse, we’ve other research companies, we’ve got contractors and right now we have about seven different individual entities that are working together as a community to help preserve and protect this story here.”

Because of the hull’s age, it’s too delicate to be moved without a detailed plan. Right now, volunteers are trying to get it away from incoming tide and they’re taking pictures for  further investigation.

Burke says the ship probably carried cargo, and an inscription on the wood should provide clues about its origin.