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City Council Runoffs: Tommy Hazouri Says Sustainability Is A Key Issue For Jacksonville

Tommy Hazouri

Current Group 3 City Councilman Democrat Hazouri Tommy Hazouri is a former mayor, state representative, and  Duval County school board member, and says he has the support to advance up the Council leadership chain should he win the runoff election in May.

The Jacksonville native is defending his position in the runoff election against Republican Greg Rachal, who we profiled on Tuesday.

During his one term as mayor, Hazouri pushed through a sales-tax referendum to remove tolls and spearheaded the effort to create environmental rules to clean up the city’s air.

During his first term as a councilman, Hazouri has played a vocal role in the successful implementation of the Human Rights Ordinance and been an advocate in Jacksonville’s fight against human trafficking.


Hazouri received criticism for endorsing incumbent Republican Lenny Curry‘s reelection. Hazouri’s message on First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross to the Democrats that did not vote for him in the recent election because of this endorsement is “there were three Republicans in the race, I had a choice, with no Democrat and that may have been another consideration, and I chose the one I work best with, the one I could work with on the next four years.”

Hazouri explained on First Coast Connect that “I understand as a former legislator and the legislative  process and as a former mayor the relationship between a legislative body and the executive branch. I think very highly of Mayor Curry, we’ve had our differences, especially at the beginning but I’ve supported his issues.”

Hazouri spent much time in his first year feuding with Mayor Curry, bucking him on issues including his removal of Alvin Brown loyalists from boards and commissions.

On current issues, said Hazouri supports and signed the resiliency pledge because “we have to be prepared.”

He thinks that sustainability is key to the resiliency of the city. “Resiliency is not just about our water and our climate, it is also about crime. It’s also about infrastructure. It’s also about the homeless. We have to build resiliency for all of these issues and not leave a single one behind.”

You can listen to Hazouri's entire interview on Thursday's First Coast Connect.

Amanda Brannon can be reached at, 904-358-6317.