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The Space Between

 Above and Beyond Album Art

Gaze into the night sky, contemplating the vastness between stars. To reach the closest, Alpha Centauri, we'd need to travel 26 trillion miles. Let's imagine shrinking our Sun to a quarter and the space around it; the distance would still be 429 miles. The space between stars is truly incomprehensible, akin to driving from Jacksonville to the Florida Keys, a stellar road trip indeed. Space lives up to its name! 🌌✨


Look up tonight and gaze at the dark space between those stars. How far are they from each other?

Well, to get to the closest one to us, Alpha Centauri, we’d need to travel 26 trillion miles.

That vast distance is hard for most of our puny brains to comprehend, so let’s do this - Think hard and shrink our Sun down to the size of a quarter. Observe it in your palm as its enigmatic light glows.

Now that we’ve reduced the Sun in our mind’s eye, let’s also shrink the space around it.

A quarter-sized Sun correspondingly allows for the 26 trillion miles to Alpha Centauri to shrink to… 429 miles.

That’s a long way.

Imagine driving from Jacksonville to the Florida Keys. Maybe 6 hours on the Interstate …from one small shiny quarter to the next.

Now that’s a stellar road trip.

While stars might look close to each other in the night sky, remember that the space between them is…

Well… let’s just say, space is well named.

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