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Lawmaker Refiles Bill Repealing Florida's Stand Your Ground Law

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While a special session reviewing Florida’s Stand Your Ground law isn’t likely, one lawmaker hopes to start a discussion about the controversial law with a bill of his own. Tallahassee Democratic Representative Alan Williams has filed legislation to repeal the law.

It’s Williams’ second consecutive year filing the legislation, and he says his goal hasn’t changed.

“To 1) begin the dialogue, begin the conversation to either repeal or start over because I think there are some aspects of the Stand Your Ground law that are beneficial, but I think there are more components of Stand Your Ground law that gives individuals the ability or the screen to hide behind when they commit acts of great violence,” said Williams.

Williams’ decision to file the bill comes after more than half of the state’s lawmakers voted against holding a special session to review the law. The final tally announced Tuesday by the Florida Department of State is 108-47 with some Democrats joining Republicans in not wanting to hold a special session. Others did not vote at all, meaning their vote counted as an automatic "no" vote.

Meanwhile, Williams says he hopes his bill will receive a fair hearing and hails House Speaker Will Weatherford’s decision to hold a Stand Your Ground hearing during next month’s committee meetings.

The bill's Senate Sponsor is Democratic Senator Geraldine Thompson of Orlando.

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