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Soderberg: U.S. Military Action In Syria Likely


A narrowly targeted U.S. military strike is likely to take place soon in response to recent events in Syria.

That’s according to Nancy Soderberg, visiting scholar at the University of North Florida and a former member of the U.S. Security Council.  

Her analysis comes in the wake of confirmation by U.S. intelligence officials that Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime likely used deadly chemical weapons on his own people.

President Obama has been meeting with top officials since last Saturday following initial reports that a gas attack had killed hundreds of civilians just outside the Syrian capital Damascus.

"I think it's very likely. I think they'll wait for the UN to issue its report on this, and we'll see something next week," said Soderberg.

Soderberg was joined in our studios by Jacksonville physician Dr. Yazan Khatib, a native Syrian who still has loved ones in the country.

While Khatib is deeply concerned for the safety of his relatives, he cautioned against American military strikes.

"My concern is that in the long run it will only result in the deaths of more innocents," he said.