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Renner-Fant Race Too Close To Call

Just three votes separated candidates Jay Fant and Paul Renner in Tuesday’s bruising Republican primary for Florida House District 15.

 Election officials will now recount the ballots by hand and declare a winner in one or two days.

“It is exciting - and it makes a democratic republic an interesting place to live in,” said Fant.

Paul Renner also stressed the importance of people getting out to the polls.

“I think the message is the one that we were reminded of in 2000; that every vote really really does count,” he said.

Both candidates said they were upbeat about their chances.

Nearly 12,000 votes were cast in the District 15 contest. Overall voter turnout for the Duval County Primary Election was just under 17 percent.

Peter Haden is an award-winning investigative reporter and photographer currently working with The Center for Investigative Reporting. His stories are featured in media outlets around the world including NPR, CNN en Español, ECTV Ukraine, USA Today, Qatar Gulf Times, and the Malaysia Star.