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Sheriff-Elect Mike Williams Pledges Transparency, Accountability

Saphara Harrell

Republican Mike Williams is Jacksonville’s new sheriff. He edged out Democrat Ken Jefferson with over 51 percent of the vote Tuesday. Williams says he looks forward to working with the new City Council and Mayor-elect Lenny Curry.

Williams said, “I pledge to the citizens of this community that our financial affairs will be transparent and to you I pledge my complete cooperation as we work to restore the city’s priority to public safety. And hold ourselves, all of us, accountable to our taxpayers.”

Williams says he hopes to have the opportunity to work with former opponent Jefferson to help Jacksonville’s young people and improve its neighborhoods. He takes office July 1.

Other races Jacksonville voters decided Tuesday:

  • Lenny Curry (R) has won Mayor of Jacksonville over Alvin Brown (D).
  • City Coucil-At-Large - Group 1: Anna Lopez Brosche (R) has defeated Kimberly Daniels (D)
  • City Coucil-At-Large - Group 3: Tommy Hazouri (D) has defeated Geoff "Jeff" Youngblood (R)
  • City Coucil-At-Large - Group 5: Samuel C. Newby (R) has defeated Ju’Coby Pittman (D)
  • City Council - District 1: Joyce Morgan (D) has defeated Mike Anania (R)
  • City Council - District 2: Al Ferraro (R) has defeated Lisa King (D)
  • City Council - District 4: Scott Wilson (R) has defeated Ramon Day (D)
  • City Council - District 7: Reggie Gaffney (D) has defeated George A. Spencer, Jr. (D)
  • City Council - District 8: Katrina Brown (D) has defeated Pat Lockett-Felder (D)
  • Referendum 1: Yes
  • Referendum 2: Yes