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'Terrible' Voter Turnout For Kingsland City Council Special Election


Kingsland, Georgia is holding a special election Tuesday to fill City Council Post 1.

Early voting started last week in the city of about 15,000 people, but a local grassroots group says voter turnout is extremely poor.

Camden County Get Out The Vote organizer Tom Canning says including absentee, early votes and votes since this morning, only around 100 ballots have been cast.

“It appears in Kingsland we’re going to have maybe less than two percent turnout, so it’s terrible,” he said. 

He encourages registered voters to cast ballots to show Kingsland’s children that voicing your opinion matters, and he stresses the importance of City Council elections for deciding the outcome of community issues.

Three candidates are running for the vacant seat. Polls close Tuesday night at 7.

Photo credit: "GA Kingsland Comm HD city hall" By Ebyabe is used under CC BY-SA 3.0