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What Grievances Can Jacksonville City Employees Make? New Florida Law Gives List

Jacksonville City Hall, St. James Building
Ray Hollister

A new Florida law clarifies which types of grievances Jacksonville city employees can make before a human-resources board. The law brings the city charter in line with existing rules governing the civil-service board.

The board’s duty is to review grievances, appeals and whistleblower complaints by city employees.

Jacksonville Chief Deputy General Counsel Derrel Chatmon says the new law clarifies the board will hear only specific types of appeals and complaints.

“For example, if an employee felt like they were working out of their classification or working in a position that they should not have been working in. Then they’d file a grievance to the civil service board. And ultimately those are the matters that historically the board will hear.”

Chatmon says any grievances that don’t fit the guidelines will be dismissed. He says the law will allow the board to render decisions in a more timely manner.

Here are the 11 issues that city employees can file grievances about.

  1. Position (Job) Classification
  2. Compensation
  3. Recruitment
  4. Application and Examination
  5. Eligibility Lists
  6. Appointments, Status and Transfers
  7. Separations and Layoffs
  8. Attendance and Leave
  9. Disciplinary Actions, Grievances, and Appeals
  10. Personnel and Related Programs, Records and Reports
  11. Political Activities, Standards of Conduct, and Authorized Activities