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First Coast Connect: Trump Takes Republican Lead Despite #NeverTrump Movement

Trump at Landing
News 4 Jax

Since day one of Donald Trump’s Republican candidacy for president, GOP consultant Rick Wilson has taken a firm, and very vocal, stand in not supporting the Republican candidate.

During an interview Wednesday on First Coast Connect, Wilson stated: “The fact of the matter is, his ideas, philosophies, and temperament are dangerous not only to the party, but to the country.”

Wilson, who has been actively waging war on Trump’s political career, is the founder of the Never Trump Movement, a trending topic and hash tag that has been buzzing on social media outlets for months.

After Tuesday night’s Presidential primary election results, Donald Trump is closing in on the Republican nomination for presidency, while Hillary Clinton has a commanding delegate lead for the Democratics.

As of this morning, Trump’s opponents Ted Cruz and John Kasich both suspended their campaigns, leading Trump to become the presumptive nominee for the election.

When faced with the question of if the Never Trump Movement will continue, as the chances of another Republican nominee beating Trump continue to dwindle, Wilson responded with a resounding yes.  

“Never means never,” Wilson exclaimed.  “None of us want to be in the position where we’re opposing the nominee of our party, but the nominee of our party is not qualified.”

Wilson openly voiced that he hopes a third party candidate steps up to run against Trump. But if that does not happen, he will most likely leave the presidential candidacy line blank, and vote for other political roles on the ballot.

For Wilson, the Presidential election can go two ways: The Republican Party is going to reform itself in a fundamental way and get back to its fundamental principles again, or the Democrats are going to end up in a period of dominance.  

“This is not a reality TV show,” Wilson said. “This is our future, our country — these are the constitutional principles that conservatives and republicans extensively abide by, being abandoned in order for folks to join the Trump Cult.”

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