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Pension Reform Tax Discussion with Mayor Curry Tonight in San Marco


The Future Leaders of Jax Coalition, a non-partisan organization engaging young adults, wants to get young people to support a Jacksonville tax referendum that would help pay off pension debt.

FLJC is hosting an event Wednesday night at 6 at Bistro Aix in San Marco to discuss the tax referendum with Mayor Lenny Curry.

Curry’s proposed half-cent sales tax would go into effect in 2030 to free up pension money for other city projects.

Coalition co-founder Jenny Busby, who's co-hosting the event, is the aide to City Councilman Tommy Hazouri. 

“The mayor is prepared to answer all questions,” Busby said. “So whether you support it, you don’t, you’re a democrat, you’re a republican or you’re not interested in politics at all, we’re trying to get people from all of these backgrounds to the event.”

Coalition co-founder Katie Schoettler, who's the other host, is the aide to Republican Councilman Scott Wilson. She and Busby believe many local issues are non-partisan and working together is necessary for change.