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WJCT Asks: 'What’s One Word That Describes Donald Trump?'

Lindsey Kilbride
Vendors sold “Make America Great Again” hats and Donald Trump masks in 90-degree weather before the Jacksonville Trump rally, Wednesday.";s:

Before the doors opened at the Veterans Memorial Arena in downtown Jacksonville,  Donald Trump supporters stood in a line wrapping around half the building Wednesday.

  • WJCT Live from the Trump rally:

Supporters wore “Make America Great Again” hats and “Hillary for Prison” T-shirts. A man was even selling water bottles with a Trump-themed label in 90-degree weather.

Roughly three hours before Trump would take to the stage at his rally, WJCT asked both supporters and protestors “What’s one word that best describes Donald Trump?”

Alexa Chambers, 17, Jacksonville


“He really wants to make America great again and I truly believe he has an effort. He’s very motivated. He’s not politically correct. He’s not afraid to speak his mind.”

Alexis Macaulay, Jacksonville


“He’s just going for it as much as he can. Got to have a strong person to stand up against Hillary. He’s the only one of the primary candidates that ever would have fought the same level of battle that she’s capable of.”

Ana Duarte

Credit Lindsey Kilbride / WJCT News
Donald Trump supporters stood in a line wrapped around the Veterans Memorial Arena in downtown Jacksonville Wednesday.


“Everything that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth, it’s hate, insults divisiveness, putting Americans against each other. "We need to work together to solve our problems and what he’s doing, he’s dividing us.”

Pete Poole


“You can look in his eyes when he’s talking. It’s rare in politics, obviously.”

Andrew Abouhalkah, 14


“Nothing that he says he true. He’s not the businessman he wants us all to believe he is. He’s had so many failures. He’s had bankruptcies and he’s not going to build a wall. He’s not going to stop Muslims from coming in.”

Joe Smith


“He’s a great leader. He’s a billionaire and he got it honestly. He didn’t have to rob or steal like Hillary does.

  Robert Johnson, Jacksonville


“I think he’s honest because he wants his country back and he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind and he cannot be bought. “
Credit Vince Kong / WJCT News
Trump water for sale at a rally for Donald Trump on Wednesday at Veterans Memorial Arena.

Ed Wey


“I’m worried that if he ever gets his hands on the nuclear button that he’d use it. He’s very thin-skinned. I mean if he can’t take a little criticism from a gold-star family, what is he going to do if some foreign leader says something that he feels disses him?”

Zachary Pollock, Homosassa


“He pushes above everyone else and he tries to make himself the most upfront appearance in every event that he has and he does it in a way where he seems like he’s always winning.”

  • WJCT Live from the Trump rally: