02/10/15: Morris Dees; Precision Medicine; Alternative Fule Vehicle Expo; 'A Lesson Before Dying'

Feb 10, 2015

Morris Dees is the founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Alabama-based nonprofit that has been instrumental in raising awareness about civil rights violations, domestic terrorists and racially motivated hate crimes. And he’s a nationally recognized advocate for civil rights, diversity and tolerance. We speak with Dees about his upcoming talk at UNF later this month about "Justice for All in a Changing America."

Dr. Alexander Parker, associate director of the Individualized Medicine Center at Mayo Clinic
Credit Shannon LeDuke / WJCT

Dr. Alexander Parker, associate director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine, joins us to discuss precision medicine. This is the process of using knowledge about a person’s personal genetic makeup to help determine the best plan for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

We also speak with Jeff Sheffield, executive director of the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization (TPO), about efforts to advance alternative fuels and infrastructure in Jacksonville, and the 2015 Alternative Fuel Vehicles Expo.

And Larry Knight and Toni Philips, the stars of Players by the Sea's production of "A Lesson Before Dying," join us with a preview of that adaptation of Ernest J. Gaines' highly praised 1993 novel.

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