10/01/19: Finding Hate Online; Breast Cancer Awareness; Slow Food

Oct 1, 2019


A Jacksonville man is sounding the alarm about how he was seduced by online extremism and how he eventually reversed course.  

A former white supremacist who was radicalized on the internet, 22-year-old UNF student Mak Kapetanovic is getting national attention for speaking out about the racist and extreme ideologies that are fueled online.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Mayo Clinic is reaching new advances in treatment. Senior associate consultant in radiology at Mayo Clinic Dr. Kristin Robinson and senior associate consultant in hematology-oncology Dr. Pooja Advani joined us with an update. 

Slow Fish Dinner Oct. 12, 2019
Credit Slow Fish Dinner / Slow Fish Dinner

Slow Fish Dinner

Chefs from Jacksonville are getting together Oct. 12 for a slow food dinner at a beautiful local historic home.

Joining us to dish about it were Editor Lauren Titus of Edible Northeast Florida, Wayne Wood, founder of Riverside Avondale Preservation, and Rebecca Reid with Slow Food First Coast.

Photo used under Creative Commons license.