1/8/2018: Dr. Richard Haass; Sno-Cone Diaries ; Cole Pepper

Jan 8, 2018

Dr. Richard Haass, president of the Council of Foreign Relations appeared Monday on First Coast Connect.
Credit Richard Haass

Monday on First Coast Connect we spoke with Richard Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations about his latest book, A World in Disarray: American Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Old Order  (01:15).

We heard a rebroadcast of our interview with local author Abby Vega (20:19).

Cole Pepper joined to talk about the Jaguars big playoff win and Monday night’s College Football Championship game between Georgia and Alabama (46:00). 

Richard Haass

From an unraveling Middle East, to the rise of China, cyberthreats from Russia and a reckless North Korea. The world order as we’ve known it for decades is crumbling.

That’s the conclusion of Dr. Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations and one of America’s most respected foreign policy experts. Haass also served as the senior Middle East advisor to President George H.W. Bush and as a principal adviser to Secretary of State Colin Powell.

In his latest book he offers a sobering view of the road ahead. He says the election of Donald Trump and the unexpected vote for “Brexit” in England, signaled that many in modern democracies reject the central aspects of globalization and international involvement, including borders open to trade and immigrants, as well as a willingness to maintain alliances and overseas commitments.

Sno-Cone Diaries

She spent 35 years working in sales and marketing for Fortune 500 companies, but was tired and frustrated and needed more in her life.

So First Coast businesswoman Abby Vega quit her six-figure salary job and bought a sno-cone truck.  She tells this unlikely tale of reinvention in her book The Sno-Cone Diaries.

Cole Pepper   

It wasn’t pretty but the Jaguars Sunday beat the Buffalo Bills 10-3 at Everbank Field at the first home playoff game in 18 years. The Jaguars now head on the face the Steelers Sunday in Pittsburgh.

The Jaguars won in Pittsburgh earlier this season 30-9.       

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