Best Emergency Mobile Phone Rescues

Jun 3, 2013

Credit David Luckin

We’ve created a handy guide to help you rescue your phone when you’ve smashed the screen or forgotten your password?

Dropped it down the toilet?

More reliable than sticking the phone in a box of uncooked rice is sealing it in an EVAP wet electronics rescue pouch. An indicator on the pouch will turn white when the phone is dry. $19.99,

Smashed the screen?

In Jacksonville there are several walk-in repair services such as uBreakiFix at 4495 Roosevelt Blvd or 10,000 Cellphones all over town and the Beaches. Both offer walk-in service and can usually replace a screen in 15 minutes. Around $50.00

Forgotten the unlock password?

An app for Android called Screen Lock Bypass Pro will get you past the lock screen and remove your screen lock password, pattern or pin. Pretty simple $2.99 app.

Run out of battery?

Perfect for the music festival season and those long days exploring nature on the water or on the trail. The HyperJuice Micro is small, comes in a rainbow of colors and will re-charge your iPhone three times, $69.95,

Lost it?

If you have Where’s My Droid installed then sending a command word by SMS will make the phone start ringing. If it’s further away than down the back of the sofa, you can also use WMD to get the phone’s GPS co-ordinates. Free