Business Brief: Land Trust Selling Companies On ROI Of Conservation

Apr 18, 2016

Starting in 2012, the North Florida Land Trust began a campaign to preserve all remaining privately owned lands on Big Talbot Island, in order to prevent future development.
Credit North Florida Land Trust

The North Florida Land Trust is about to release its annual list of threatened lands that are a priority for purchase.

In this week’s “Business Brief,” analyst John Burr tells WJCT News Director Jessica Palombo the nonprofit is trying a new strategy to attract businesses and governments to invest in environmental conservation.

Burr spoke with Land Trust Executive Director Jim McCarthy about a trend called “ecosystem services,” the idea of assigning dollar amounts to the services performed by natural resources. For instance, a wetland filters out pollutants like nitrogen at such a high rate that doing away with it would require a city to build a waste-treatment plant.

That return on investment—a constant target for Florida’s Republican leaders—is helping businesses and governments alike understand why it’s important to invest in conservation.