Business Exec, Former Councilman Propose Alternative Pension Funding To JEA And Mayor

Nov 20, 2014

Mayor Alvin Brown said Wednesday he strongly supports a new pension reform proposal developed by two private citizens in consultation with the mayor's office.

Charlie Appleby (l) and Matt Carlucci (r)

Former City Council member Matt Carlucci and business executive Charlie Appleby worked with several of Brown's top aides to create a late-hour plan in which the city and JEA would borrow $240 million and immediately put it into the Police and Fire Pension Fund.

The proposal comes after the utility said at a meeting Tuesday it is not in a position to meet Mayor Brown’s original request for $40 million per year to fund some of the city’s unpaid $1.6 billion pension debt.

The Mayor’s Office, City Council and JEA will continue negotiations and try to reach an agreement in the coming months.

Matt Carlucci and Charlie Appleby joined Melissa Ross to discuss their plan.

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