Courthouse Area Businesses Anticipate More Customers As Dunn Trial Gets Underway

Feb 4, 2014

Once the Michael Dunn trial begins, there will be more people than usual looking for lunch near the Duval County Courthouse.

Jacksonville Pita Pit owner Andy Patel (right) supervises employees during Tuesday's lunch rush.
Credit Cyd Hoskinson / WJCT

Andy Patel opened the Pita Pit on the lower level of the courthouse garage at the corner of North Clay St. and West Forsyth St. in July.

He says he’s working on a plan to lure new customers from the courthouse into his restaurant.

“We do daily specials so I think we can do a weekly special, and maybe going into next week where we can do like a $6.99 pita with a drink,” he said.

Patel says he may even keep his restaurant open later in the evening, depending on what’s happening in the Dunn trial.

His business has already picked up by about 15 percent since Monday, and he expects it to climb by another 30 percent once the trial is in full swing.

Jury selection is expected to last until at least Wednesday afternoon.

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