Fight Against Single Use Plastics; Debate Over Driver License Suspension Fees

Feb 14, 2020

On Friday's Roundup, we looked at the use of single-use plastics in Florida and the friction between state and local governments over banning single-use items. Also, we covered Floridians who have had their driver’s license suspended due to fines and fees.

Joining us to discuss the fight against single use plastics were:

Florida Sees High Rate Of Driver Licence Suspensions Due To Unpaid Fees, Fines

More than one in 10 Florida drivers has a suspended license. Most of those drivers have had their  privileges suspended, not because of dangerous driving, but because of unpaid fines or fees.

State Representative Byron Donalds (D-80th District) discussed the legislative push to help people with suspended drivers’ licenses for unpaid fees to get their licenses reinstated.

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