Florida Democrats Disavow Sanders’ Cuba Comments; Are Schools Overusing Baker Act?

Feb 28, 2020

This week, the Florida Democratic Party disavowed some controversial comments made by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, their party’s current frontrunner in the presidential race.

Sanders praised Castro’s literacy and health care programs in Cuba, sparking outrage among Cuban exiles here in Florida. Also, recently there has been outrage after young children around the state have been Baker Acted or even arrested.

Scott Arceneaux, Democratic Strategist and Andy Gomez, professor emeritus of Cuban studies at the University of Miami and author of Social Challenges Facing Cuba provided analysis on the possible backlash and outcomes from Sanders’ comments.

Use Of The Baker Act In Schools

Megan Reeves and Jack Evans, reporters with the Tampa Bay Times, and licensed psychologist Angela Mann with the Center for Children’s Rights discussed the increased use of the Baker Act in Florida.

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