Jacksonville City Council Planning May Vote On $930M Gas-Tax Plan

Apr 22, 2021

Jacksonville’s City Council could vote next month on a $930 million public works plan that depends on doubling the local gas tax to 12 cents per gallon and extending its lifetime.

“The rubber hits the road on [May] the 12th,” Council President Tommy Hazouri said during a workshop where he announced plans for members to meet April 29 and May 12 to as a “committee of the whole” that would evaluate the project list.

The meetings would also be used to vote on separate legislation Hazouri championed Wednesday that allots $100 million – half this year and half next – for utilities work needed to phase out septic tanks in several neighborhoods.

“This is a strong commitment, long past due, 50 years past,” Hazouri said of the septic tank funding that backers describe as fulfilling a pledge made when voters approved Jacksonville consolidating its government across Duval County in 1967.

Paying for septic tank phase-out hinges on the availability of city funds that wouldn’t be needed for roadwork if the cost of road projects were shifted to higher gas tax revenues.

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