Jacksonville Skateboarding Ban Legislation To Be Withdrawn Tuesday

Jun 26, 2017

Credit Naoki Tomeno / Flickr

Jacksonville City Councilman Bill Gulliford is officially withdrawing his controversial bill prohibiting skateboarding on public property downtown. He said he’s making progress in less formal talks with the city’s skaters.

The bill would have banned skating in several areas downtown, including all sidewalks, walkways, benches and guardrails. The legislation has been on hold for more than a year.

At the time he filed it, Gulliford said it was because a skateboard had chipped the side of City Hall. He said he was also concerned about skaters colliding with pedestrians. But, this month, he asked for the bill’s withdrawal during council committees and his colleagues agreed.

“We really do have laws on the books already to cover (those issues),” said Gulliford at a June 6 committee meeting. “It’s a matter of enforcement more than another law and we’re still moving in a positive way to develop more skating areas downtown.”

Gulliford has been meeting with local skaters about developing mini skate parks around town on vacant city parcels. That discussion is ongoing.

The final step for withdrawing the bill is a full council vote Tuesday night at City Hall.

 Photo: “Skateboard” used under Creative Commons.

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