Texas-based Convenience Store Submits Plans For St. Johns County Gas Station With 104 Pumps

Buc-ee’s, the Texas-based convenience store chain, submitted site engineering plans to the St. Johns River Water Management District on June 22  and to St. Johns County on June 26 to develop its 13.71-acre site at 655 World Commerce Parkway at southwest Interstate 95 and the International Golf Parkway interchange.

Our Jacksonville Daily Record news parter reports England-Thims & Miller Inc., the consulting engineer, prepared plans for a 53,254-square-foot, single-story building with 104 fueling stations and 392 parking spaces.

The Buc-ee's logo.
Credit Buc-ee's

In May, Buc-ee’s revised its plans with St. Johns County, reducing the number of fuel pumps from 120 to 104 and parking from 417 to 392 spaces.

The company also shifted the front entrance to face World Commerce Center Parkway and relocated the fuel canopies to the sides of the building.

Once the county's site engineering review is approved, Buc-ee’s can can apply for a building permit.