Town Hall Called To Discuss Potential Changes To Jacksonville's City Charter

Oct 16, 2019

Jacksonville’s Charter Revision Commission will hold a public town hall Thursday, October 17, to ask what changes residents want in their city’s governance.

The commission meets every 10 years to review the city charter and suggest ways to improve governmental processes.

Commission Chair Lindsey Brock said he’d like to see more transparency built into the system.

“The more that people understand how government works, that’s going to create greater trust in the government itself. And so we’re looking for ways we can structure a government through the charter to where we are creating opportunities for that confidence to be there,” said Brock.

Retired CPA Susan Aertker said she plans to attend Thursday’s town hall. Her biggest motivating issue is the school board’s struggle to put a half-cent sales tax before voters.

“One thing I’d like them to make clear in the charter is that the school board can put a referendum on the ballot to request the voters vote on a dedicated revenue source - to make it clear that the school board has that authority,” Aertker said.

The public meeting will be held in the City Council Chamber at City Hall in the St. James Building at 117 W. Duval Street.

It starts at 5:30 Thursday evening.

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