Uncovering American heritage one artifact at a time

Apr 14, 2018

8pm HISTORY DETECTIVES - History/Mystery - Researchers identify and/or authenticate items which may have historical significance.

History Detectives explores the stories behind historic sites, artifacts and tall tales told in cities across the country, with the help of an inquisitive team of fact-finders with an uncanny talent for uncovering the truth.
A hero in Hawaii, Civil War Cannon and Stuntman Pioneer - Mysterious airplane engine parts lead to a heroic story on a forbidden Hawaiian island; metal shavings are matched to the right Civil War cannon;  and a rodeo saddle connects to a star that changed Hollywood movie-making.
9pm FINDING YOUR ROOTS Educator Henry Louis Gates Jr. examines U.S. history and continues his quest to "get into the DNA of American culture." 

In each episode, celebrities view ancestral histories, sometimes learn of connections to famous/infamous people, discover secrets, and share the emotional experience with viewers. Analyzing genetic code, DNA diagnosticians trace bloodlines and occasionally debunk long-held beliefs.

SOUTHERN ROOTS - Questlove learns the name of his original African ancestors, Dr. Phil discovers his ancestors understood servitude from both sides and Charlayne Hunter-Gault learns the truth behind a family rumor that her maternal grandmother was the product of an affair between a white man and the young black servant 

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