UNF Golf Complex Could Face Competition With TopGolf Facility

Jul 7, 2015

Driving Range at the University of North Florida Golf Complex
Credit Erica Protsman

The University of North Florida Golf Complex could face competition for business.

The sports and entertainment facility TopGolf is planning to open in Jacksonville, only a few miles from UNF.

Vince Glettli is an avid golfer at the UNF Golf Complex. He says he’s been golfing for more than a decade, and the university’s courses are his favorite.

“I’ve played from New Hampshire on down the north coast, and I’m always coming back here,” says Glettli.

But this public university facility could soon have competition from a private golf complex just east of the St. Johns Town Center. TopGolf offers a climate-controlled, computerized golf course simulator and restaurants.

UNF Director of Business Services Tully Burnett says because of the difference in the golfing experience, the UNF Complex doesn’t expect business to slow if the TopGolf facility is approved.

“If they do open TopGolf, I hope they do well,” said Burnett, “because if they’re doing well, we’re gonna do well also.”

The Jacksonville Land Use and Zoning Committee will review the TopGolf proposal in two weeks before it goes before the full City Council.