Video: Jumbo-Sized Daily's Food Truck Will Be At Concerts, Jaguars Games

Aug 13, 2019

Daily’s has decided to go big.

The sponsors of the Daily’s Place amphitheater have a new 48-foot, custom-built food truck that’s fresh off an Ohio assembly line.

It’s towed by a modified Ford F550, “custom built as well to trailer this amount of weight,” said Daily’s Chef Robert Fallon.

The Daily's food truck was custom built in Ohio and is towed by a modified Ford F550.

Fallon said the menu of sandwiches and other items include gluten-free options, where applicle,  and  hormone-free meats.

The breads are baked daily, and a fountain machine is located outside of the truck, with everything made to order.

Daily's Chef Robert Fallon is supervising the 48-foot long food truck's debut at Daily's Place on Friday night.
Credit Bill Bortzfield / WJCT News

The food truck will debut at Friday night’s Brad Paisley concert and will be on site for concerts and Jaguars games.

It’s also filled with party tricks. “The entire thing at night can be lit with LED lights underneath [and] above,” said Fallon.

A view of the outside of the new 48-foot long Daily's food truck.
Credit Bill Bortzfield / WJCT News

Fallon said because of the truck’s sheer size it can’t go everywhere a normal food truck can.

“We have hopes of being at some of the larger venues in Jacksonville in the future, maybe the TPC tournament in March, things of that nature," he said. 

A view of some of the food preparation equipment used by the Daily's team in their new food truck.
Credit Bill Bortzfield / WJCT News

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