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Yulee High School faces racism allegations; men’s breast cancer; “First Coast Success;” local sports

Yulee High School in Nassau County is in turmoil over a racist Snapchat video and lack of consequences for the two white boys using racial slurs in it. One of them was wearing a white cloth hood.

Parents of Yulee students say the video was recorded this summer and recently sent to Black students at the high school.

A physical altercation broke out after the video circulated, which resulted in the suspension of several students, including Black students who confronted the video sender and the student who sent it to them — but not the students in the video. Parents accuse the district of caring too much about keeping the incident under wraps and not enough about addressing racism.

Several of the school’s football players plan to protest the handling of the incident by refusing to play in the homecoming game. Parents told WJCT News partner News4Jax that Principal Yvon Joinville informed the team that any players who protested by refusing to participate in the homecoming game would forfeit their spots on the team for the remainder of the season. Players instead decided to wave their suspended teammates’ jerseys ahead of a game over the weekend.

Nassau County Public School Assistant Superintendent Mark Durham and Yulee High School principal Yvon Joinville did not respond to WJCT News’ request for comment by the time of this airing.

WJCT News also reached out to Snapchat for comment on its policy about removing racist content from the platform. In response, the company said users can report instances of racism.

Guest: Dr. Kimberly Allen, 904Ward

Men’s breast cancer

Breast cancer is a disease typically associated with women, but about 1 in every 100 breast cancer cases diagnosed in the U.S is in men. Recently, WJCT Station Manager David Luckin became part of that statistic, as he was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. He shares his story as we mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Guest: David Luckin, WJCT Station Manager and breast cancer survivor

First Coast Success

In the 100th episode of First Coast Success, Karen Mathis of the Jacksonville Daily Record spoke with Al Mansur, one of the most successful local restaurateurs. Even during the pandemic, his string of local eateries is going strong.


Local sports

The Jaguars are on a bye week after getting their first win as we head into Florida-Georgia weekend. Meanwhile, the University of North Florida’s 2014-15 A-Sun championship-winning men’s basketball team will be inducted into the UNF Hall of Fame this year.

Guest: WJCT sports analyst Josh Torres

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