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Stop W.O.K.E. Act; unprecedented plan to save Florida manatees


In June, Gov. Ron DeSantis banned teaching critical race theory in Florida public schools under a state Board of Education rule despite critical race theory not being taught.

Now DeSantis says new legislation is necessary to “give businesses, employees, children and families tools to fight make against ‘woke indoctrination.’”

The governor wants to give parents the ability to sue schools if they think a district is teaching critical race theory.

The exact language of the legislation has not been released, but it will be one of the focal points for the governor during the upcoming legislative session beginning next month. DeSantis says the bill also will target companies and certain workplace training practices.

The governor gave a list of examples to back up his efforts, though none were in Florida.

Hundreds of educators dispute DeSantis’ claims that critical race theory is dangerous, arguing that it is the most honest and comprehensive way to teach history.


Unprecedented plan to save Florida manatees 

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service approved an unprecedented plan to feed Florida’s manatees.

More than a thousand manatees died in Florida’s waters this year, prompting state and federal conservationists to enact a limited-trial program designed to help manatees survive the colder winter waters.

Wildlife officials typically warn against introducing food sources to wildlife but decided that in this case, sending in teams armed with tons of romaine lettuce to feed aggregations of manatees was the best course of action to help them survive.

Guest: Amy Green, WMFE environmental reporter.

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