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Florida One Step Closer To Banning Certain Minors From Marrying

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Florida is another step closer to joining 13 other states in making it illegal for certain minors to get married. 

Miami Democratic Representative Cynthia Stafford’s bill passed unanimously in the House Healthy Families Subcommittee Tuesday. The measure prohibits anyone age 15 and younger from getting married. Stafford says in the past couple of years, there have been several marriages that involve underage minors, including one with a 13-year-old groom.

“And, there’s a reason we don’t allow 13-year-olds to vote. We don’t allow them to drive. We don’t allow them to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes. We don’t allow them to serve in the military. There are even labor laws that protect them because they’re minors, they’re children, and that’s what this bill is about: protecting minors,” said Stafford.

The House measure has one more stop before a floor vote. Meanwhile, its Senate companion is also beginning to move in the committee process.

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