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Public Radio Stations Partner For Disaster Notification Network

Wikimedia Commons

Residents of the First Coast and communities across Florida have a powerful, new resource in their disaster preparedness tool kit.

It’s called the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network, and it includes WJCT as well as the other public radio stations around the state. 

WJCT News Director Karen Feagins says the stations in the network have invested in equipment that will help to keep them on the air during disasters.

“The other investment is in technology that allows the stations to connect to each other so we can more easily share what we’re working on," she said.

"For instance, if there is a press conference in Tallahassee, we’re now easily able to take that live throughout the state, which is something we weren’t able to do before.”
There’s also a network storm center stations can turn to for minute-by-minute updates and forecasts.

Listeners will also be able to get emergency information delivered to their tablets and smartphones via a free mobile app.

In 1999 the Florida Department of Transportation installed road signs along statewide evacuation routes noting Florida’s public radio stations as the “go to” media outlets for the public to tune to for emergency management information. 

You can follow Cyd Hoskinson on Twitter @cydwjctnews.

Cyd Hoskinson began working at WJCT on Valentine’s Day 2011.