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Gov. Rick Scott Touring Florida Touting Tax Cuts

GovernorRickScott's Channel

Florida Governor Rick Scott will be in Jacksonville Monday evening to talk up the $400 million tax cut package in this year’s budget.

Earlier Monday, Scott made a similar stop at Sergio’s Restaurant in Miami.

Scott said, “If you have a cell phone, this is a tax cut this year. We have over $200 million in tax cuts just tied to your cell phone, your TV and your cable bill.”

The News Service of Florida reports, the communications service tax cut is expected to save someone just over $20 per year if she’s paying $100 per month for cable and cell-phone service.

The Legislature also passed a 10-day back-to-school sales tax holiday and a year-long sales tax moratorium on college textbooks.

Jacksonville is the sixth stop on Scott’s whirlwind, one-day, seven-city tax cut tour that also includes Fort Myers, Orlando and Pensacola.

His schedule calls for him to be at the Mudville Grill on Monument Road in Arlington at 6:10 Monday evening.