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Tax Break On Diapers Gets Quick Fla. Senate Committee Approval

Wikimedia Commons

With little discussion, a Senate committee Monday approved a bill that would provide a sales-tax exemption for diapers and incontinence products. 

The Commerce and Tourism Committee unanimously supported the proposal (SB 60), sponsored by Sen. Lauren Book, D-Plantation, and Sen. Travis Hutson, R-St. Augustine.

The bill is filed for consideration during the legislative session that will start March 5 and, if passed, would take effect in January 2020.

Under the proposal, shoppers could avoid paying sales taxes on diapers, incontinence undergarments, incontinence pads and incontinence liners.

State analysts have not estimated the overall tax impact of the proposal, according to a Senate staff analysis. “Individuals will see a reduction in the cost of purchasing diapers and incontinence products,” the analysis said. “Daycare providers, diaper service providers, hospitals and other businesses will also see a reduction in the cost of diapers and incontinence products.”

Florida currently has a 6 percent sales tax. Assuming a family spends $50 per month on diapers that would result in a savings of $3 each month.

WJCT News contributed to this story.

Photo used under Creative Commons license.