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New Guest Animals And A Rebuilt Aviary For The Tallahassee Museum

 One of the Tallahassee Museum's three African Civets.
One of the Tallahassee Museum's three African Civets.

There are a number of new additions at the Tallahassee Museum. These include some new guest animals and a totally rebuilt habitat.

The Museum's Animal Curator Suzie Buzzo said the latest visiting critters are African Civets.

"They're just really unique! They look like a cross between a cat and a raccoon, but they're not related to either."

There are three civets on loan from Plant City's Zooville, USA. And just a few yards away is the completely rebuilt aviary, which Buzzo explained is a much nicer environment for the resident eagles, hawks and owls.

"They have new pools and waterfalls, it's a completely new exhibit with new trees, perches and props. It's just really beautiful."

And, in contrast to the old aviary, which was severely damaged by Hurricane Michael in 2018, the birds are much easier for visitors to see.

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