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Non-Profit Group Assesses Private Wells Of Rural Floridians At No Cost

A non-profit group is doing free assessments of private wells for residents of rural Florida communities. The group, Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project, received a federal grant earlier this year to conduct the assessments.

Jennie Ford leads the group's well assessment program for Florida. She says the goal is to educate people on what could be contaminating their wells.

"There's all sorts of different potential hazards to you and your health in your well water if you don't know about it," Ford says.

Assessments can be done in person or remotely. When going to people's homes, Ford says she will do a visual inspection of the well and surrounding area.

"If you have a vent and it's not screened or if there's any kind of holes nearby that could potentially have runoff go into your well, just showing people what to look for," Ford says.

Ford will also let residents know if the Florida Department of Health says there's contamination in the area. She says during the assessment, residents new to owning a well can learn how to maintain it.

To sign up for a free well assessment with the Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project click here or call Jennie Ford at (352)-647-7001.

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