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Dozens of Florida doctors urge health care companies to stop donating to anti-abortion politicians

Alex Proimos
Flickr via Wikimedia Commons

The advocacy group Floridians for Reproductive Freedom says state-based corporations, including health care companies, have donated $1.7 million to anti-abortion lawmakers.

Dozens of Florida medical professionals have signed onto a letter the group sent to several health care companies, condemning them for donating money to politicians who supported a ban on abortions after 15 weeks.

"When you support politicians who pass laws that make it so that patients literally can't get the health care they need in Florida, there's no clearer route to undermining the health of the people you are stating that you serve," said Dr. Sujatha Prabhakaran, a Sarasota-based OBGYN.

Prabhakaran said she's already seeing the implications of Florida's 15-week abortion ban.

"I had a patient who thought that she was 12 weeks, turned out that she was actually 14 weeks and six days, and because there's also a 24-hour waiting period now, we weren't able to provide her care so she had to travel out of state.”

The letter was sent last week. To date there has been no response.

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Cathy Carter is the education reporter for WUSF 89.7 and StateImpact Florida.