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Bill Gulliford is one of two city councilmen who sponsored -- and then recently withdrew -- bills related to expanding anti-discrimination protections to LGBT residents.

Gulliford’s bill would have put the question on a local ballot: Should people be allowed to turn someone down for a job, housing, or service in places like restaurants because they’re gay or transgender?

We speak with Jacksonville City Council Bill Gulliford about the issue.

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More than half of LGBT Jacksonville residents surveyed say they’ve experienced discrimination in the city. That’s according to a new study from the University of North Florida.


Councilmen Tommy Hazouri and Bill Gulliford said on Saturday they will ask Council President Greg Anderson to withdraw each member's bill to expand Jacksonville's current Human Rights Ordinance to include the LGBT community.

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Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry is changing the city’s employment policy to prohibit discrimination of any kind. In a memo to city employees Friday, the mayor said he’s aligning with federal hiring standards.

Friends of Hemming Park via Facebook

Jacksonville officials are asking the operators of Hemming Park what kind of commitment the city must make to keep the park’s revitalization effort going.

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The Jacksonville community will have several opportunities to tell the full City Council their feelings about possibly expanding the city’s human-rights ordinance to include gay and transgender people.



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The Jacksonville City Council’s first meeting of the new year kicked off with hours of public comment Tuesday evening – most of it about two proposed bills that could expand anti-discrimination protections for gay and transgender residents.


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Jacksonville City Councilman Tommy Hazouri is pitching his human rights ordinance bill in one-on-one meetings with other council members. His first one, with Councilman Aaron Bowman, was Wednesday afternoon.

"He had some great questions to ask about the language, that we have to make sure that it’s in plain English and people understand what it does instead of having a whole list, a parade of horribles out there, people saying the sky is falling," Hazouri said after the meeting. "And it’s not falling.”

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Jacksonville City Councilmen Bill Gulliford and Tommy Hazouri are sponsoring competing anti-discrimination bills, which will start moving through Council next month.

Gulliford introduced his human-rights ordinance bill, with a requirement for voters to decide on the issue, Wednesday morning.


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Revitalizing some of Jacksonville’s most struggling neighborhoods is the goal of an effort that was discussed at City Hall Tuesday.

The multi-pronged effort includes something called a land bank.

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Jacksonville Police and Fire Pension Board of Trustees Chair Larry Schmitt says the recent external investigation of the fund was poorly executed.

Schmitt met with Councilman Bill Gulliford this Monday to defend himself against the findings.

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The Jacksonville watchdog group Concerned Taxpayers of Duval County is suing the city over City Council members’ text messaging during meetings.

Florida's Government-in-the-Sunshine Law mandates that any communications public officials have about issues that they will decide on must be done in the full view of the public. 

The group said the violation of the "Sunshine" law should reverse the council’s decision to keep 17 firefighters from losing promotions.

In September, the City Council reversed course on demoting the firefighters after council members coordinated via text message.

Jacksonville City Hall, St. James Building
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The Jacksonville City Council Finance Committee says it will subpoena Police and Fire Pension Fund executives for documents as part of an audit.

Committee Chairman Bill Gulliford says the independent auditor is being stonewalled when asking for information accessible only by former pension fund administrator John Keane.

“He said that he had instances where he got that response back — no documents or whatever,” Gulliford said, “and yet he had physical emails or letters from another source that indicated those documents were available. Now, which is it? Who’s fibbing?”

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The Jacksonville City Council passed a bill reforming the Police and Fire Pension Fund Tuesday night.

The decision comes after many years of negotiations.


City Council President Clay Yarborough announced the vote of 14 to 4 in favor of the plan. The Police and Fire pension Fund has racked up more than a billion dollars in unfunded debt, and the new deal lays out a framework for how to pay it down.

Duval County Public Schools, Bill Gulliford and George Zimmerman are in the headlines today.